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Domain problem


I have to find a way to connect a Mac OS X 10.6 Cient for authentication purposes to a Skolelinux Server with Samba and OpenLDAP running. Windows and Skole Clients can be bound and login just fine. Mac OS X can also be bound to the server by doing the following.
1. Start Directory Utility
2. Advanced Preferences
3. Services
4. LDAPv3
5. Pencil (edit)
6. New
7. type in the server name (tjener in my case)
8. choose RFC 2307 (Unix)
9. Select searchbase (dc=skole,dc=skolelinux,dc=no in my case)

When trying to login as a LDAP-User, it doesn't work. The window just shakes and that's it. I definitely need your help out of this trap.

Many thanks

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