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Re: gosa-plugin-netgroups for gosa 2.7 sponsored by GONICUS (i18n help requested)


Le 28/07/2012 13:13, Mike Gabriel a écrit :

> And it would be good to have the plugin available in several  languages,
> of course. Attached to this mail you find a serious of  messages_*.po
> files that I ask everybody to take a look at and to  translate. Note,
> this is a contribution to GOsa² upstream and is not  related to the
> translation workflow in Debian (po-debconf & co.).

Even if it's not po-debconf related, debian-i18n may be a lot more
accurate to send a call for translation.

>   messages_es.po
>   messages_fr.po
>   messages_nb.po
>   messages_NEWLANG.po (basically an empty .pot file)
> The _es, _fr and _nb files are already quite populated, only a little 
> fuzzy here or there.

Did you already contact the initial translators? The podebconf-report-po
script* can be quite handy to make an actual call for translation that
will target the concerned people.

* podebconf-report-po --call --podir=<theactual_dir> --utf8 --notdebconf



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