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Re: troubles with Gosa

Wolfgang Schweer a écrit, le 23/03/2012 09:49:
Yes, that most probably did it. See above: Never click import before
having chosen the template. AFAIC this is described in the manual, too.

Yes, and that is what I did. And did again, a dozen times, after noticing the created users were not able to log in : nothing I can do with GOsa² (including creating a user directly) now creates the proper keys (even for teachers, whose template and import procedure I did not tamper with at all).
So the whole management system is stuck, not just a few users.

It seems some things I did in GOsa² messed the templates creating users and their keys, whereas I believed bogus users were the worst thing that could happen from messing around GOsa² : I did not expect the possibility the templates themselves could be affected. And I still find it quite strange, but can't find other explanations as I did not issue admin commands on tjener at that time.

If the problem really lies in the GOsa² templates, how does one reset them ? Would reinstalling debian-edu-install or -config work ?

Samuel Krempp

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