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Sound crashes when running Iceweasel locally


Since youtube are very important to people here I tried to get my thin clients to work as nice as possible. I set it in lts.conf so that Iceweasel runs locally on the thin client. That improved things a lot when it comes to flash videos. It now runs smothly (unless you blow it up fullscreen of course...)

Problem is, after setting
LOCAL_APPS_MENU_ITEMS = iceweasel,chromium

in lts.conf the alsa sound server gives a crash message on the thin client when logging in. You can here the login sound from kde, but after that you get a message that says
"Alsa default sound system is non functioning" (translated from swedish)

To get some kind of sound out of the client you need to restart the client, not only logout, but it crashes again.

Are there any way to fix this problem? Sound works nicely when not running local apps, so it does not seem to be a problem with the sound system itself in thin client or even diskless workstation. Just that it crashes when its supposed to handle local apps as a thin client. I cant run these as diskless workstations, they are to weak. (HP t5630)

Regards  /George

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