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Thanks for participating at the Debian Edu gathering

I want to thank everyone who participated in developing gathering for 
Debian Edu, Skolelinux, LibreOffice, Plasma Active and other free software 
project for school the last weekend, March 16-18. 


It was good attendance and great enthusiasm from both old and new 
contributors. On Saturday new contributors was introduced to LibreOffice, 
Skolelinux and the tablet solution Plasma Active. There was so much facts 
which was presented, so we had to limit the numbers or presentations, 
postponing two to the next gathering. We also got a walk through on ideas 
for Debian Edu, Skolelinux, LibreOffice and other free software projects for 
students going forward. 

I would particularly like to thank Knut Olav Bøhmer, Olaf Dahlum, Petter 
Reinholdtsen at the student group working on Plasma Active for their 
informative and good presentations.

Here is a small introduction of the new contributors. Oh, the students 
will be introduction at a later stage, where they got more to present. Let 
me concentrate on the three "newbees" first: 

- Osmo Antero who is originally from Finland will help the students when 
building the prototypes for improving the Plasma Active User eXperience 
(UX). He got many years of development experience, being in depth familiar 
with Debian-based systems and Gtk. He will assist with problem solving, so 
students and others who need in depth technical answers on questions 
bringing the development forward. 

- Kjell Arne Rekaa from Norway will assist in the marketing efforts. Kjell 
Arne got many years of of development experience, and are now working with 
IT architecture at Sparebank 1 Bank Group. He helps designing their online 
bank services for 650,000 customers.

- Ingrid Yrvin form Norway has worked for many years at The Norwegian 
Directorate of Education. In recent years she has been worked as an online 
journalist and editor for several of their online publications. She is now 
retired. Ingrid will assist with translation of the Skolelinux project 
together with here husband when he retires in the fall this year. 

Finally, I thank the Norwegian free software company FreeCode[1] for 
borrowing us their offices and meeting rooms for the sprint, including their 
canteen. It worked great. I should mention that Qt at Nokia is sponsoring 
Debian Edu sprints going forward.  The top management at FreeCode also 
expressed their mandatory willingness to lend us the facilities at later 
develop sprints, which now comes in pearls on a row going forward.  Stay 
tuned, you're invited!

1. http://www.freecode.no/

Best regards

Knut Yrvin
President -- Fri programvare i skolen (Free Software In Schools)
Please participate in making free software for schools
mob: + 47 934 79 561

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