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Re: LibreOffice (was: Skolinux review)

 Mandag 12. mars 2012 22:55:24 skrev Steven Chamberlain :
> Hi,
> I would imagine it is fairly straightforward to upgrade to
> LibreOffice after installing Debian Edu Squeeze, by using the
> packages from backports.debian.org.  This is what I have done on my
> own Debian (non-Edu) Squeeze desktop, and it is more or less a
> drop-in replacement. I seem to think it loads faster and runs a
> little smoother.

I would at the moment advice against installing libreoffice in any 
environment where you have printers with more than one paper tray, 
typically in schools, since libreoffice does not let you choose from 
which paper tray to print.

A lot of schools typically have the schools/municipalitys official 
letterhead in one tray, and normal blank sheets of paper in another 
tray, from libreoffice you can't choose which to use.

This is the bugreport:

One could get around this my installing the printer several times under 
different names and setting different papertrays as default, 
like "printer_tray1" and "printer_tray2", if you realy want to hurt 
yourself ... 

Other than that, libreoffice from squeeze-backports is very nice.

Klaus Ade
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