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Preparing the release announcement (r0)


Thanks to Holger who draw the attention of the publicity team in good
time by committing the initial draft of the announcement in the
publicity repository:


This announcement will be sent by (or in agreement with) the press team,
and published on the Debian website, thus the WML (ake HTMLish) tags in
the file. Please contribute directly to this file *now*: all Debian
Developer have write access to this repository, and we'll be happy to
grant access to other people who will ask for it.

A few days before the real announcement (say Friday), the announcement
will be frozen, and a proofread and translation call will be sent out,
so please, contribute to the announcement ASAP, and *before Thursday*.

Translators can also prepare the translation in the repository (in the
publicity/announcements/$yourcode/2012 directory), please get in touch
with the respective translation team, some of them are pretty active
these days, including the German and the Spanish one.


David, with some sort of publicity hat on

P.-S.: I've written the above with what is in the top of my head, I may
have forgotten stuff, please feel free to ask for more information,
especially if I didn't sound clear enough, or too directive ;-).

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