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Re: Can you make a screencast of Debian Edu/Squeeze?

[Wolfgang Schweer]
> Here's the one I've done concerning mass creation of user accounts:
> http://vimeo.com/37675399

Yay.  But vimeo do not work with my laptop, which only have free
software. :( It also do not work with Debian Edu/Squeeze, as it uses
Flash that do not work with Gnash and do not provide Ogg Theora or
WebM video supported by Iceweasel.  Vimeo only provide H.264. :(

I know Youtube work with Debian Edu/Squeeze.  Is there other video
sites that work?  I believe blip.tv handle Ogg Theora, but it seem to
also use Flash not handled by Gnash.  Any other good alternatives?

> Licence is Creative Commons Attibution Share-Alike v3, which I hope
> is o.k.

I hope so too. :) Personally I use CC-BY-SA and is happy with that
choice. :)

> The audio and video quality is sort of poor due to crap test hardware.
> (I had to use 'ffmpeg -i file.ogv -sameq file.avi' to be able to get
> it converted to flash on vimeo.)


Can you make the ogv file available?  I would like to copy it and make
it available on ftp.skolelinux.org.
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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