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Can you make a screencast of Debian Edu/Squeeze?

Hi.  Can you make a screen cast of something related to Debian
Edu/Squeeze?  It would be useful to have when we start to marked the
new version.

There are tools available to do this in Debian Edu/Squeeze.  I
recommend the gtk-recordmydesktop (preinstalled) and istanbul
packages, which will record video and sound and generate a Ogg Theora
video file at the end.

Ideas for screen cast topics could be:

 - Your favorite educational application and how to use it.

 - How to maintain users in GOsa.

 - How to maintain systems with DNS and DHCP in GOsa.

 - Checking Nagios to see if everything is OK with the installation.

 - How to get help on IRC.

I am sure you all have other and better ideas.  Can you help and
create a screen cast?  The resulting video can be made available on
one of the video sharing sites or put on ftp.skolelinux.org if you
want that instead.

Do you have an existing screen cast related to Debian Edu?  Please let
us know about it.  Send us a link to the video. :)
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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