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Re: access to local media on thin clients

[Wolfgang Schweer]
> I've added ltspfs-mounter-dolphin to the same place. It should avoid
> bringing up the file manager if the machine has a floppy.

Right.  I suggest we rename it to ltspfs-mounter-popup and merge the two
and use dolphin instead of konqueror.

> As far as the manual is concerned there are a lot of options now to
> describe. (Simple access to local media is - as far as I had to learn
> - a major point for acceptance.)

Well, I believe we should limit it to only one option, for example like
outlined above, to reduce the choices the admin need to handle.

I know that simple access to local media is important, but hope most
users now use diskless workstations and not thin clients. :)

We can add this option as the default in a point release, if we find
that it is working well.
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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