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Re: Problem with sitesummary2ldapdhcp

[Wolfgang Schweer]
> Hi,
> maybe due to an older install...

Nope.  What you describe is the currently intended behaviour.

> After an upgrade of the d-e-c package I added (diskless) hosts to
> the LDAP database using sitesummary2ldapdhcp - just for testing. All
> went well, but the database objects created were not removeable from
> within GOsa²; I had to use ldapvi to get rid of them.

Does this also happen for the manually created servers?

> Additionally I noticed that the hosts were put into LDAP as »servers«, 
> I'd expect »netdevices«.

Why?  I always create servers, also manually.  Because they are for
machines that in time can be managed by GOsa², while netdevices can
not be managed.

> This workaround puts removeable objects into LDAP (like those
> created manually using GOsa²); only drawback is that one more click
> is needed in GOsa² (to enable DHCP).

I hope someone knowing GOsa² more can comment on the correct way to
create system objects for computers.  I created the same type of
objects that tjener already got, and assume it is the correct thing to
do for Linux hosts.

I assume netdevice is for routers and switches, not for Linux hosts.
If this is wrong, please tell me and we can easiliy change this.
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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