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Re: EduFication package

[Giorgio Pioda]
>> Cool.  Sound like a package we should keep in the debian-edu
>> project on Alioth?  Perhaps you should join the project and put the
>> source there?
> I'm really not a programmer (have a PhD in Chemistry, not in IT) and
> I have terrible tendency to write spaghetti code...
> Anyway, I first have to decide if I'll switch my school to DebianEdu
> removing my old hand written system (Kerberos,NIS,NFS4). (99% yes,
> but I want to test a little more). Then I could join.

The "join the project" part of my suggestion above was a technical
one, as it is required to get write access to the repository on
Alioth.  It was not intended as a statement of intent to work on the
project in general.  If you decide not to use Debian Edu, it is fine
for us if you want to resign from the project later.

> In all cases, if the package works, I'll publish it GPL'ized. (I've
> to admit that is not that a big work)

If you publish it in our repository right away, you can more easily
get help by us writing it, and cleaning up your spagetti code. :)
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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