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Re: Change IP - LDAP and DNS

[Giorgio Pioda]
> Hi,
> I've seen the guidelines to change the subnetIP.
> What I've seen is a manual for the Lenny flavour; it looks
> like in Lenny all the DNS/DHCP stuff were hardcoded
> into the main server.
> Now I have the impression that in Squeeze I have all the information
> in a double copy (hardcoded and LDAP). Isn't it?
> Thus Changing the subnet will be harder...

Not really.  Both Lenny and Squeeze are similar, storing a lot in LDAP
and some things on disk.  Squeeze is actually slightly better, as the
workstation and roaming workstation setup no longer have any hardcoded
IP addresses.  For these profiles, everything is dynamically calculated
from the installation environment.

For LTSP servers and the Main server, there are some hardcoded values in
files and in LDAP.  I suspect it is a day or twos work to get
subnet-change working to allow the main-server to be automatically
converted to another IP setup, and probably less to do the same for LTSP

If you want to work on this, I am eager to assist via IRC, #debian-edu
on irc.debian.org. :)
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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