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Re: Epoptes: call for translations/testing

Hi all,

On Mi 18 Jan 2012 07:39:49 CET Alkis Georgopoulos wrote:

Epoptes [1] is a new computer lab management and monitoring tool. It
allows for screen broadcasting and monitoring, remote command execution,
message sending, imposing restrictions like screen locking or sound
muting the clients and much more!

It can be installed in Debian [2] and Ubuntu [3] based labs that may
contain any combination of the following: LTSP servers, thin and fat
clients, non LTSP servers, standalone workstations, NX clients etc.

Starting from Edubuntu 12.04, epoptes replaces iTalc in the DVD. Anyone
interested in helping epoptes get in shape for Precise should test, by
the end of January, if it works in his environment [4], and if it needs
to be translated in his language [5]. Epoptes has been translated to 7
languages so far and adding support for a new language is done in
launchpad via a web browser, so it's very easy and it shouldn't need
more than 1 hour.

Hope you find it useful!
The epoptes developers

This sounds like an interesting piece of software!!! I have just taken a look at the German files and gave some input here and there...



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