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Bug#655206: present an information screen after installation that describes how to proceed

[Mike Gabriel]
> After installation of a Skolelinux main server there should be a
> debconf template that gets shown on first system boot (after the
> testscripts have run) that explains in short how to proceed.

Note that the test scripts are _not_ executed during production
installations, but only when installing from squeeze-test images.

> This debconf screen probably should show a weblink to the D-E wiki's
> GettingStarted page.

Not sure if a debconf template is the correct approach.  We could add
some text to the KDM/GDM background image telling people to look at
some URL for information on how to proceed.  For non-GUI installs we
could show some text before getty starts.  We could add a debconf
template during d-i to show some information before the first boot.

We could also use the graphical installation by default and rewrite
d-i to allow us to show text in the unused part of the screen during

At the moment we expect people to be able to log in on their own, and
then show a web page of our choosing.  I agree that this might be a
bit late for those failing to understand that they need to log in as
user localadmin with the root password they provided during
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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