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Bug#629046: package wishlist for diskless workstations

Hi Petter,

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> reassign 629046 education-workstation
> thanks
> [Mike Gabriel]
> > Package wishlist for diskless workstations:
> >
> > o ntpdate
> > o screen
> > o ntpd (including a setup that works in Debian Edu network)
> As far as I know, ntp (not ntpd) is already installed.  ntp (or at least
> synchronized clocks) is required to get Kerberos login working.
> Why do you need ntpdate?  What about screen?  Please explain the use
> cases, as space on the DVD is tight. :)
> --
> Happy hacking
> Petter Reinholdtsen

ntp is needed indeed plus d-e-c setup. Forget ntpdate and screen, both are Admin-Tools not necessarily needed on the DVD.


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