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Ready for beta2, release notes need updating (Was: Some notes on the Squeeze version of Debian Edu)

[Petter Reinholdtsen]
> The next test release, beta2, will be wrapped up this weekend, and I
> hope a lot of you will gather around to test it and see if it work for
> you.  Single machine setups seem to work fairly well, so now we need
> to see how multi machine setups work. :)

I belive we are ready for beta2 now.  I've added all the changes I hope
to get ready for beta2 into the packages now.  As soon as beta2 is out,
I'll pick up the pace. :)

Anyway, the release notes need updates before we announce beta2.  Is
there any highlights missing on
<URL:http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/ReleaseNotes>?  This is the
current list:

  Changes compared to beta1 version

  - A warning is now issued when installing on too small disks for the profiles
  - Default start page for iceweasel is now fetched from LDAP at installation
    and boot time for networked profiles. Set to http://www.skolelinux.org/ for
    Standalone installations.
  - The home0 partition is now mounted nosuid, to increase security.
  - More tests in the test suite, and correct some of the tests that failed
  - Nagios no longer report problem with the kernel version after boot.
  - Device access for the localadmin user is now handled by policykit and not
    by adding the user to several groups during installation.
  - The Kerberos KDC setup is now working again.
  - Samba configuration is now working again.
  - The LDAP server is now able to handle more clients after increasing the
    servers file descriptor limit from 1024 to 32768.
  - manual down from 31 FIXMEs to 29 (currently)
  - The Roaming Workstation profile is now working again.
  - Quicker shutdown of LTSP clients.
  - Updated default web page content.
  - GOsa now update DNS and NFS exports imediately when a system is updated in
    LDAP, making diskless workstations work right after they are added to the
    required netgroup.
  - Change KDE/Akonadi configuration to reduce the disk footprint of every user
    from 144 to 24 MiB.
  - Reinsert local NTP clock on the main-server to ensure clients and server
    sync clocks also when disconnected from the Internet.
  - Correct PXE installation setup and improve PXE menu.
  - (... to be continued ...)

The list of known bugs need to be updated too, and I also believe we
need to put in a warning that those using beta1 need to reinstall to get
all the fixes included in beta2.
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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