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Re: debian-edu-config translation status (and call for help)

Hi Petter,

On Mo 02 Jan 2012 23:47:06 CET Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

This is the current translation status for debian-edu-config in svn:

www translations

  ca.po: 46 oversatte meldinger.
  de.po: 39 oversatte meldinger, 7 antatte oversettelser.
  es.po: 46 oversatte meldinger.
fr.po: 34 oversatte meldinger, 10 antatte oversettelser, 2 uoversatte meldinger. it.po: 34 oversatte meldinger, 10 antatte oversettelser, 2 uoversatte meldinger.
  nb.po: 46 oversatte meldinger.
nl.po: 34 oversatte meldinger, 9 antatte oversettelser, 3 uoversatte meldinger. pt.po: 34 oversatte meldinger, 5 antatte oversettelser, 7 uoversatte meldinger. ru.po: 34 oversatte meldinger, 10 antatte oversettelser, 2 uoversatte meldinger. zh.po: 35 oversatte meldinger, 10 antatte oversettelser, 1 uoversatt melding.

debconf translations

  ca.po: 3 oversatte meldinger.
  cs.po: 3 oversatte meldinger.
  da.po: 3 oversatte meldinger.
  de.po: 3 oversatte meldinger.
  es.po: 3 oversatte meldinger.
  fr.po: 3 oversatte meldinger.
  ja.po: 3 oversatte meldinger.
  nb.po: 3 oversatte meldinger.
  nl.po: 3 oversatte meldinger.
  pt.po: 3 oversatte meldinger.
  pt_BR.po: 3 oversatte meldinger.
  ru.po: 3 oversatte meldinger.
  sv.po: 3 oversatte meldinger.
  tr.po: 3 oversatte meldinger.

Note how the list of translations for www and debconf differ.  This is
because debconf translations are picked up by and tracked the i18n
team in Debian while the translations in www/ is not.

It would be great if someone was able to rewrite the build system for
debian-edu-config to be able to use one merged set of translation
files for both the debconf templates and the web page.  Is it possible
with the tools in Debian?

It would save us time poking translators and over time improve the
translation status of the web page. :)
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

Couldn't po4a be used for that? By what I have read probably yes, doesn't it?



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