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Re: ext3 flags in fstab: acl, user_xattr

On Friday 26 August 2011 22:18 Mike Gabriel wrote:
> Hi all,

Hi Mike,

> for Samba to work optimal with NTFS ACLs it would be really good to
> have these two flags set on ext3fs /skole/tjener/home0: ,,acl'' and
> ,,user_xattr''.

what do you mean with 'work optimal' here?

> What would be the best way of doing that? (Do people see a problem
> here?)

I used samba for years with and without acl's. In schools and in 
After all that time when I'm looking back there was not really a 'must 
have' for ACLs with samba.
It only makes things more complicated:
	- More complicated samba config file.
	- Missing ability of using UTF-8 with ACLs in a right way.
	- What do you think, does the debian edu backup system work with ACLs
	- on the file system?
	... and so on.

> My approach would be to add some cfengine code to cf.homes.
> Greets,
> Mike

Jürgen Leibner

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