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Re: ext3 flags in fstab: acl, user_xattr

[Mike Gabriel]
> Hi all,
> for Samba to work optimal with NTFS ACLs it would be really good to  
> have these two flags set on ext3fs /skole/tjener/home0: ,,acl'' and  
> ,,user_xattr''.
> What would be the best way of doing that? (Do people see a problem here?)

At the university, we avoid ACLs on the file systems because the
backup system is not able to restore them and our file servers do not
handle ACLs the same way.  I suspect at least one of the reasons apply
in Debian Edu as well (the restore problem), and thus we should avoid
ACLs as well.

> My approach would be to add some cfengine code to cf.homes.

I believe it is possible to specify extra mount options in the partman
setup, and it seem like the most sensible place do to it.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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