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Bug#617381: vim package should be installed on all Debian Edu hosts

[Mike Gabriel]
> It would be nice to have vim (VI Improved) available on all Debian
> Edu machines by default (even on the ,,minimal'' host role).

When this was discussed the last time, both vim and emacs users begged
for their package to be installed by default.  The conclusion them,
was that the DVD and CD space was better spent on GUI applications the
pupils and teachers can be expected to use, and I believe it is the
correct conclusion.  There is already a vi implementation installed by
default in Debian Edu, and another one is not needed in the default

Sure it would be nice to have emacs and vim installed, but the cost of
doing so is not worth it.  It increases the default disk footprint and
pushes other packages out of the CD and DVD.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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