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General question on Debian-Edu


the Debian-Edu talk tomorrow on debconf will overlap with the ZSH Skills-
Exchange session... :-(

So I read the documentation and throw out some questions here:

* Could the base of Debian-Edu also be usable by small companies? At my former 
company for example we had Debian thin-clients for call support staff and even 
for some junior developers/students.

* Which IMAP server is used?

* Could Debian-Edu be made replicated with automated fail-over of services? 
Use case: The network administrator is on holiday, the main server fails, but 
everything should continue to just work.

* Is there a roadmap to update do cfengine3?

* Is there any integration with school administration, so that administrative 
changes are automatically reflected in LDAP (addition of pupils, classes, 
leaving of pupils, assignements of pupils to classes)

* Is there a calendaring solution used with Debian-Edu? Kolab, Horde?

* Are there any schools that also have mailing lists for parents?

* Are there any schools actively using encrypted mails?

Thank you,

Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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