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Re: General question on Debian-Edu

Hi Thomas,

On Sun, Jul 24, 2011 at 08:10:47PM +0200, Thomas Koch wrote:

> the Debian-Edu talk tomorrow on debconf will overlap with the ZSH Skills-
> Exchange session... :-(

Luckily not tomorrow, but on thursday ... :-)
> So I read the documentation and throw out some questions here:
> * Could the base of Debian-Edu also be usable by small companies? At my former 
> company for example we had Debian thin-clients for call support staff and even 
> for some junior developers/students.

No, it's highly specialized for schools.  But I propose to work in a
direction that allows for a broader user and developer base.

> * Which IMAP server is used?

> * Could Debian-Edu be made replicated with automated fail-over of services? 
> Use case: The network administrator is on holiday, the main server fails, but 
> everything should continue to just work.
Nothing in that direction has been done yet, as far as I know ...

> * Is there a roadmap to update do cfengine3?
Unfortunatelly, I fear there is no roadmap at all :(

> * Is there any integration with school administration, so that administrative 
> changes are automatically reflected in LDAP (addition of pupils, classes, 
> leaving of pupils, assignements of pupils to classes)
No.  However, the design of the LDAP tree is flexible, so pupils
associated with classes can have their own department (ou) in LDAP.  

> * Is there a calendaring solution used with Debian-Edu? Kolab, Horde?
No.  I know that there is a Kolab plugin for GOsa, but never tested that.

> * Are there any schools that also have mailing lists for parents?
I don't know of any.

> * Are there any schools actively using encrypted mails?
Same here, I don't know of any.

Thomas, let's meet in Banja Luka for a chat.  I'll arrive some time on

Best regards,

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