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Re: beta1 (was Re: debian-edu LDAP tree

Den 04. juli 2011 14:16, skrev Holger Levsen:

On Montag, 4. Juli 2011, Marius Bjørnstad Kotsbak wrote:
It might be (although I get an error message at first boot after
these errors will not be displayed for squeeze installs. (currently you're
installing squeeze-test, technically.)

Okay, then it is okay. Haven't looked closely at what it really says.

but I suggest we wait until we have proper documentation
for GOsa in place.
the point of the beta1 release is to catch such problems, so this is not a

I just think that possibly a lot of users are going to try it after the announcement and then run into the same problems that I did.

I guess diskless clients are used a lot and we need
to describe how to add them (see my recent bug report).
your contributions to
are much appreciated ;-)

Japp, I hope to get some time to add what I found there, and a wiki page about how to set up a Debian-edu network in Virtualbox.


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