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Re: beta1 (was Re: debian-edu LDAP tree

Den 04. juli 2011 13:01, skrev Holger Levsen:

On Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011, Mike Gabriel wrote:
Tomorror or tonight I could copy away the images to the URL mentioned in
.22 but I dont have time for any more stuff (until in a week), so writing
a short release announcement must be done by someone else.
	Holger, slightly in favor of getting beta1 out now and then
		concentrating on beta2 - but then, I'm not the best
		person atm to judge whether the current images are
		close enough to beta1 now...
Do we have an opinion on this yet? I haven't tested ISOs lately, but I
would honour it if people could contribute so that Holger can possibly
kick-out beta1.
since the images have remained unchanged since then, did you do more tests
while I was offline? :-) are the images beta1 worthy?

It might be (although I get an error message at first boot after installation), but I suggest we wait until we have proper documentation for GOsa in place. I guess diskless clients are used a lot and we need to describe how to add them (see my recent bug report).


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