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Bug#632395: debian-edu-install: Debian Edu profile selection step is confusing, simplify

On 02. juli 2011 12:21, Klaus Ade Johnstad wrote:
>  Lørdag 2. juli 2011 01.36.43 skrev Marius Kotsbak :
>> I guess "workstation" profile is not useful in itself and should be
>> hidden and
>> just be included where it is needed behind the scenes.
> The profile "workstation" is the one you need if you want a functioning 
> machine, that is not a server. So this profile is most certainly useful.

Ah, thats right. The good old workstation with hard drive. So could the
choice be between one of these:

* Main server
* Thin client server
* Main server + thin client server
* Workstation
* Roaming workstation
* Standalone
* Minimal

Maybe we can combine roaming and normal workstation? Does the roaming
version contain something that would harm workstation use?


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