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Bug#632395: debian-edu-install: Debian Edu profile selection step is confusing, simplify

Package: debian-edu-install
Version: 1.519
Severity: minor
Tags: squeeze

The list of the different profiles has been expanded with new items,
selections are possible,  and there are some dependencies/conflicts between

I suggest that it should be changed to use radio boxes for the valid
combinations of profiles (at least the useful ones). The list will then
probably be a choice between one of:

* Main server
* Thin client server
* Main server + thin client server
* Roaming workstation
* Standalone
* Minimal

I guess "workstation" profile is not useful in itself and should be
hidden and
just be included where it is needed behind the scenes.

If this is too drastic change, at least the choices made in the checkboxes
should reflect the rules about valid combinations and adjust accordingly
in the
dialog (e.g. selecting "Standalone" should deselect all other checkboxes).


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