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Bug#602591: allow to choose different IP settings - use case?


What is really the use case for this? I can see two that the user thinks

1) There is already a network set up that the user wants to use.

This will fail if there is already a DHCP server on that network (which
I guess it often is) since Debian-edu provides its own. It will also
fail if the network is already using some of the IP addresses Debian-edu
has preconfigured. Is the request here to be able to configure all of
the network config to appropriate IP addresses in the existing network?

2) User already has a router that he wants to use.

If this is not the rare case that there is a dedicated network set up
with no DHCP server (but with other network config than Debian-edu
uses), it should be easy to configure that network with the correct
settings. This should just be to add a switch and connect to an unused
port of the existing router, or add another software based (e.g.
IPCop/floppyfw) or hardware based router.


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