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Re: Contact - Education project at Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hola Esteban,

thank you for contacting us! (And sorry for the late reply.)

On Donnerstag, 10. März 2011, Esteban Ripani wrote:
> In the Ministry of Education of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina,
> we are interested
> in using Debian as the operative system in the equipment that we are going
> to  distribute to our students, it is for this reason that we are
> interested in contacting you.

Neat! Very very neat!  

> We understand that this is the right group to contact, please we would like
> to confirm this information.

Yes, this mailinglist and group is the right one, we are developing Debian 
Edu / Skolelinux here. Feel free to post any questions you have to this list, 
we will try to answer them and help you.

But, depending on your needs, this list might not be the help/contact you are 
looking for. We are volunteers working together on the list, helping us if we 
can and generally working together on the next Debian Edu release.

So I've copied this mail to two other Debian developers: Margarita Manterola, 
who is located in Buenes Aires and who can probably work with you much more 
directly (and/or point you to other Debian developers in Argentina) and 
José "L. Redrejo" Rodríguez, who is involved in the deployment of 200000 
computers running Debian Edu in Extremadura in Spain, see 

Whatever you'll do, I'm very curious to hear about your progress and 
developments. I'd love to see you using Debian (Edu) in future!

Saludos cordiales & cheers,

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