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Re: GOsa-SI in Debian

HI Benoit,

On Do 10 Mär 2011 15:50:03 CET Benoit Mortier wrote:

As GOsa has recently been chosen as _the_ LDAP administration frontend
in Debian Edu / Skolelinux, the gosa-si package would be of deep
interest to Debian Edu. Maybe not for Debian Edu squeeze, but
definitely for Debian Edu wheezy.

As i am the one using it intensively, i can say
that for squeeze a new cleaned up version will be done in this month

This is great news!!!

If noone is yet working on that package, I will start working on it in
the near future, but I will need a sponsor for that. Preferably there
is a sponsor in the gosa packaging team, but if not, Holger Levsen
from Debian Edu has also offered support with that.

Thanks but i will take care of this :)


Thanks for your reply,


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