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best way to start Skolelinux with GNOME desktops (was Re: Bug#617371: Bug#617372: root login through GDM should be allow on tjener)

Hi Holger, hi list,

On Mi 09 Mär 2011 16:59:28 CET Holger Levsen wrote:


On Dienstag, 8. März 2011, Mike Gabriel wrote:
If someone decides to build up a Skolelinux network based on GNOME
(desktop=gnome) there should be a SL workstation (or tjener with additional
Workstation role) that allows graphical logon as root (to get the LDAP
administration started in a GUI based webbrowser).

this would be an IMO bad work around for problem already described #617371
(bcc:ed to note it there) which we rather should not implement, thus closing.

Sorry :)


Could you just in short hint to the way how to start a Skolelinux network based on GNOME.

With KDE4/KDM:

  o install tjener
  o install workstation
  o logon to workstation as root (which is allowed by policy)
  o logon to GOsa on tjener
  o create first LDAP user
  o after that use the ,,first LDAP user'' to proceed on

Currently with GNOME/GDM:

  o install tjener
  o install workstation
  o no logon as root possible on workstation :-(
  o thus:


        - create local user on workstation
        - logon to workstation
        - logon to GOsa on tjener


        - connect my netbook to the Skolelinux network
        - logon to GOsa on tjener

   o create first LDAP user
   o use first LDAP user to proceed

I either of the described workflows a desired approach? Or is there another way have yet not seen?



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