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Re: mounting FreeNAS in DebianEdu?

 Tirsdag 8. mars 2011 14.10.17 skrev Ole-Anders Andreassen :
> I have a box with FreeNAS, and here I have enabled SMB and NFS.
> Is it possible to mount this in DebianEDU in some way?
> OleA

Sure, several ways:
Test with nfs, mount on /mnt:
mount FreeNASaddress:/some/path /mnt

Mounting smb is also possible. 

It all depends who shall have access to it, where you want to mount it 
and so on. But for sure, FreeNAS is not a problem together with 

If you could be more specific about exactly how you want to use FreeNAS 
in DebianEdu, we can give you more details. But, FreeNAS is basically 
just an ordinary NFS or SMB server, any howto you find online is 

I have a setup where FreeNAS is used for Timemachine for Mac-machines, 
and for other linux machines.
Klaus Ade
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