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Re: evaluating (and soon possibly contributing) to Skolelinux

Hej Holger,

thank you for the special welcome!

Kurt says, I should get to know you -
I don't know why he thinks that ;-),
but it will surely happen some day inside the Debian community.

Good on you, that Mike can contribute more directly now -
I love when he is contributing directly to things!
And I'm sure that Andreas appreciates that as well (the welcome and the possibility to contribute).

Have a great time in Zweibrücken!


Zitat von Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org>:

Hi Mike, Andreas & Angela ;-)

welcome to Debian Edu and thanks for your nice introduction and for the
bits+bytes you already contributed!

I've just added Mike to our alioth project on his request so he can contribute
more directly.

have lots of fun,

Angela Fuß
Rothenstein 5a
24214 Neudorf-Bornstein
mail: angel@moonweavers.net
fon: +49 (4346) 9392844
mobil: +49 (1577) 4197937

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