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Re: italc-rlp integration into Skolelinux (was: Re: LINBO & italc-rlp integration (Re: Gosa vs. CipUX))

Hey Holger,

> On Samstag, 8. Januar 2011, Patrick Winnertz wrote:
> > A new italc version 1.0.13 is waiting for a upload as soon as squeeze is
> > released. A upload before makes no sense. Squeeze has to live with the
> > older version 1.0.9 .
> great to hear that you're still working on italc! As Jonas said, I think 
> upload to experimental now would be a good thing :-)

Sorry for the delay, but the newest italc version will be available in the 
archive with the next dinstall run.. it's currently in incoming.debian.org

> Another question: do you plan to support italc in squeeze-backports?
yes, I could do this :)


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