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Re: Bug#612109: netcfg: Please auto-detect the need for an HTTP proxy


extended quote for the benefit of debian-edu:

On Sonntag, 6. Februar 2011, Josh Triplett wrote:
> The question asking for an HTTP proxy could instead auto-detect the need
> for a proxy by trying to fetch a fixed URI (networkcheck.debian.org?)
> and only asking for a proxy if that fails to return the expected content
> of that URI.  cjwatson suggested that due to the need for timeouts (in
> case of firewalls that drop packets rathe than rejecting them), the
> detection might need to start asynchronously earlier in the installer,
> but even doing it synchronously (and telling the user they can cancel if
> they know they need a proxy) seems like an improvement.

debian-edu-config does something related with a dhclient-exit-hook, receiving 
the proxy setting either from a wpad-url DHCP option or from 

see these files in the debian-edu-config package:



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