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Re: mounting folders on startup; using kde/startup?

--- On Mon, 1/3/11, Nigel Barker <tech@hiroshima-is.ac.jp> wrote:

> From: Nigel Barker <tech@hiroshima-is.ac.jp>
> Subject: Re: mounting folders on startup; using kde/startup?
> To: "David Goldstrom" <goldstrom@yahoo.com>
> Cc: "debian-edu" <debian-edu@lists.debian.org>
> Date: Monday, January 3, 2011, 9:51 PM
> On 3 January 2011 13:15, David
> Goldstrom <goldstrom@yahoo.com>
> wrote:
> >
> Hi David,
> I'm not sure where the volume is that you want to share.
> Try this
> thread to see a failed attempt of mine to share a
> workstation drive.
> If that's what you want, you might be more succesful than
> me.
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-edu/2010/11/msg00000.html
> Otherwise if its on tjener, why don't you creat a folder
> inside home0
> and set its permissions accordingly (using groups
> "teachers" and
> "students"). We use that here - a folder called faculty is
> rw to
> teachers, but inaccessible to students. Another folder is
> rw to
> everyone.
> If its the link you're most concerned with, there is a
> script for
> placing icons on everyone's desktop. See:
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/HowTo/DistributeFilesToUserDesktops

  Thanks, that got me pointed in the right direction. Basically I was mounting a logical volume in the Tjener / directory and then trying to connect it to the workstation root. As I get more familiar with LTSP and how it handles setting up the file directories for workstations and thinclients I think I can find a way to do it.
All the best,
> hope this helps
> nigel


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