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Questions about Debian-Edu, GOsa2, DNS and DHCP

Hi All

I'm a developer of GOsa2 and i'm doing the plugin for PowerDNS and have some questions
I tell about BUG 602863

1.- Why need Debian-Edu PowerDNS and not BIND-DLZ-ldap?
2.- PowerDNS don't support DNSSEC, TSIG and updates from DHCP. �The debian-edu project need DHCP updates?

I read http://people.skolelinux.org/pere/blog/What_are_they_searching_for___PowerDNS_and_ISC_DHCP_in_LDAP.html and need to know the schema used by debian-edu and any other ldap related issues to implement the plugin.


The work about the plugin is in�https://forge.gosa.fr/projects/powerdns-plugin/wiki/Powerdns-plugin-wiki

Alejandro Escanero Blanco
Administrador de Sistemas GNU/Linux
Desarrollador de GOsa (http://www.gosa-project.org)
Blog: http://www.mylifebetweencomputers.com
Jabber: blainett@jabberes.com

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