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Re: What is a 'VideoEditor'? (Was: Which video editor should we install by default?)

15/12/2010 22:32, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hi,
> after I read the recommendations for OpenShot as easy to use videoeditor
> I gave it a try.  *My* intent was to cut some sequences from an existing
> Video and making smooth transitions between the remaining parts.
> However OpenShot seems to support only the *creation* of a video from a
> set of images.  Either I have a totally wrong concept of a videoeditor
> or it is not easy to use (at least for me) or it is rather a
> video*creator*.
> Any hints what program to use to cut sequences from an *existing* video
> and shouldn't such a package not be recommended as well?
> Kind regards
>     Andreas.

Hi, did you mix up with stopmotion ? If not import the video(s) you want
to work with in the clip library (right-clic > add), then drag the video
on a track. Play it to the point where you want to cut it, zoom in if
needed (ctrl + wheel will do that, magnifier icons too). Select the
"scalpel" tool from the toolbar and cut. Go back to the selection tool
(arrow) and drag the unwanted piece to another "storage" track, or
discard it.
Do it for every clip, create new tracks to keep the ability to overlap
sequences and add transition effects as desired (choose from the tab
"transitions", drag the desired one where you want it to be, right-clic
it to adjust properties).
Then export it to whatever format you like to use.

So yes, Openshot is a NLE.

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