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Re: wishlist debian-edu-config package

Hi Gilberto,

if you want to submit a bug report, you need to have "package: $packagename" 
in the first line of the mail to submit@ or better yet, use reportbug. 

On Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010, gilberto dos santos alves wrote:
> please could some one create pt-BR entries in debian-edu skolelinux
>  because i was translate a file index.pot from
> <URL: http://svn.debian.org/debian-edu/trunk/src/debian-edu-config/www >,
> and create this attached file already translated, but i do not found
> structure/tree for portuguese Brazil.
> If tree for portuguese brazilian is there i am sure that is very ease to us
> translate all things, using free public web resources (http browsers) from
> public libraries from São Paulo - SP and other places!

I've commited this, did I get your name correctly?

svn commit -m 'Add translation to Brasilian Portuguese of the www starting 
page, thanks to Gilberto Dos Santos Alves.'
Sende          debian-edu-config/debian/changelog
Sende          debian-edu-config/www/Makefile
Hinzufügen     debian-edu-config/www/pt.po
Übertrage Daten ...
Revision 71873 übertragen.


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