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Re: dvd space issues

Le 06/11/2010 12:30, Petter Reinholdtsen a écrit :
[Louis-Maurice De Sousa]
To raise the quality of the project we need to be brave enough to
actually select the packages we believe in and drop the others,

I really don't understand this point of view. Just like Steve Jobs :
"We know, what you need"

If you fail to understand the difference between the filtering and
quality service provided by Debian Edu and a news paper, picking the
best and most interesting to save customers and users from having to
do this themselves,

That is quite different than filling a DVD where major part of the sofware is useless for each user. Globally it's usefull but the use is particular, not global. In french secondary schools, we can even have different software per classroom. How can a school be interested at the same time in Blender *and* GCompris ? TuxPaint *and* The Gimp ?

and the blocking "service" provided by Apple and

Well, it seems to me, I never wrote about that particular point.

where access to non-approved things are blocked from the view
of their customers and citizens, I have no idea how to illuminate your


That's information. It can be found in several sites. We have
several in France :

Good to know. :)

And teachers are not stupid and/or alone. They have there own social
networks to know what to use.

Teachers are on the other hand constrained on time,

We must have very different lives.
Many teachers in France use time to search ressources on the Internet or on libraries. It's a point I find really interesting in this project. Exchanging views on how education works in different countries. Making DebianEdu fiting every one is a great exiting challenge. :-)

and that is why we
need to do the filtering

Since Hadopi, "filtering" became a rude word, for me in France :-)

and provide quality packages out of the box
for teachers and schools to use.

Perhaps could you illuminate my mind in why you mix "providing quality packages" and "filling an installation DVD". :-) It seems to me the interest of DebianEdu is far away from just providing a huge amount of sofware on installation.

But my broken english can be responsible for part of our misunderstanding. :-)


Louis-Maurice De Sousa

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