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Developer gathering in Oslo, Norway 3-5 december 2010

Dear all,

We plan to hold a developer gathering in Oslo from the 3rd to 5th december, please see the following wiki oage for more details:


We will also hold our yearly member meeting for the Norwegian "Free software in the school" organization during this gathering:

http://friprogramvareiskolen.no/Genfors/2010 (Only available in Norwegian) 

We have a tight financial situation in "Free software in the school" at the moment so we probably not be able reimburse the travel expenses for everyone who wish to attend, so please make sure a board members approves the travel expenses before ordering any tickets. 

We will try to find free sleeping accommodations for everyone, but we will also probably have to ask people to try to find a free sleeping accommodation or cover the cost themselves.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a nice day / week.

Arnt Ove Gregersen
Second in command board member in "Free software in the school"

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