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Re: More on the future LDAP admin gui in Debian Edu


On Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> >yes, but last I heard it wasnt installable from packages.
> Interesting.  Would be nice if that could be filed as a bugreport.
> Yes, I did notice that you only *heard* about this, so do not want you
> to file a bugreport yourself but wish that you would ask those you heard
> it from to maybe do so: bugfixing is difficult based only on a rumor -
> as is decision making.

Absolutly. I just searched in relevant mailinglists and couldnt find the mail 
from where I took the info. :(

http://wiki.cipux.org/installation/cipux_340x_debian_edu is for lenny, so I 
have a question now: assuming one is using the official Debian squeeze repo 
and not yours, does one still need to download a  
CipUX-Trait-DebianEdu- ? 

> >cipux is, but afaik cipux is not the UI.
> When I say that it is in Debian, I mean it.

I'm sorry, but in <20101023110727.GL5412@jones.dk> you said Cipux is used in 
Rheinland-Pfalz and that it should be trivial to include it into Edu as its 
already in Debian and in the mail I'm now answering to you say that some 
important part of Cipux (called CatWeasel, used in Rheinland-Pfalz) is not 
packaged yet. 

> I found it irrelevant to go into detail in this thread, but can do so
> if you insist.

We are looking for an admin user interface, so I think it is relevant, whether 
a cipux UI is available. And if a tool has several UIs, it is relevant which 
are available. (Then, the detail that some people (including me) consider a 
CLI an UI is irrelevant nitpicking IMO, as we are looking for a UI for 
all/many people.) 

> Both CLI tools and the web-based UI provided as part of CipUX itself,
> called CipUX CAT Web, are packaged officially for Debian.

packaged for or available in? 

(sorry if you obviously ment both :)

> An alternative web-based UI, called CATweasel, which funded and promoted
> by the Skolelinux Rheinland-Pfalz project, is still in development and
> not packaged officially.


> >who in skolelinux is activly working on integrating cipux?
> Noone.

Which makes me wonder why the people using it in Rheinland-Pfalz are not doing 
this. Or why you dont do it. Care to explain?

> Do you still remember what was the main message of my email, or did you
> succeed by now in distracting the conversation?

I don't think discussing the usefulness/readyness of cipux is distracting the 
conversation. AFAICS the topic is "LDAP admin gui"...

> Now would you please care to answer my question?
> >which cipux-UI are available in squeeze today?

If your main question was whether _I_ work on integrating gosa2 in Debian Edu, 
the answer is yes. So that's at least 3 people.

	Holger, sad about the nitpicky language of this subthread 

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