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Re: Is the OID reserved with Uninett?

On 20. juli 2010 13:56, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Anders Lund]
>> I think I'll have to talk to others here to give you a definitive
>> answer to this question, but this is mainly to give the schema a
>> "home" to stay together with where the OIDs have been allocated?
> Yes.  The idea is to give the common and static parts of the current
> DNS schemas, the attributes representing DNS record types, a common
> home for others to fetch a updated schema with all the attributes
> defined so far, to ensure naming, syntax and other attribute settings
> stay the same.
>> So basically what is needed is _one_ schema file. Defining the
>> attributes once and then at the end list both dNSZone and dNSDomain2
>> object classes. Right?
> Actually, I would suggest to only define the attributes in the file
> distributed from Uninett, and leave the definition of the object
> classes to thers, as the people defining dNSZone and dNSDomain2 seem
> to change their definition over time as new dns record types are
> defined.  This would make it possible for those defining the object
> types to include the attribute schema for the attributes and a
> different schema for the object classes, and users wanting to include
> both object classes to do so without conflicts. :)

The perhaps best solution would be to have a RFC defining these
attributes and object classes, but not a short term solutiong I guess. ;-)

> I guess the schema file name could be dnsattributes.schema or some
> thing like that, and it should include a time stamp and URL to the
> source of the latest version at the top of the file. :)

If you send me a schema file I can put it out.

I might be out of office when I receive the file, and then it might take
some time, but I will publish as soon as I have time.

>> Sounds nice to me. I could perhaps ask others here if a fitting
>> place to have this schema distributed is via the OID registry page
>> at UNINETT.  Does this sound ok to you?

Have talked to others about this now.

> Great. :)

- Anders

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