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Re: Is the OID reserved with Uninett?

On 20. juli 2010 11:08, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Anders Lund]
>> Sorry, realized now that my answer was given in Norwegian and not in
>> English. To summarize:
> No problem. :)
>> * This OID is probably reserved a long time ago, but not been added to
>> our internal OID registry. I've now added this OID
>> ( to http://drift.uninett.no/nett/ip-nett/oids.html
>> * Changed contact from Stig to drift@uninett.no.
> Thank you.  This of course do not answer the thing I wondered about,
> which was if the dnsdomain2 author had remembered to reserver this OID
> with Uninett or not.  Anyway, now it is reservered, and the issue is
> mostly academic. :)


> Btw, would uninett be willing to maintain and publish a schema file
> with the DNS attributes as described on
> <URL: http://bind9-ldap.bayour.com/dnszonehowto.html >?  The reason I

I think I'll have to talk to others here to give you a definitive answer
to this question, but this is mainly to give the schema a "home" to stay
together with where the OIDs have been allocated?

> ask is that the lack of a common schema file with the DNS record
> attributes casues the existing schemas to be incompatible with each
> other.  To give you an example of what I am talking about, notice this
> quote from
> <URL: http://www.linuxnetworks.de/doc/index.php/PowerDNS_LDAP_Backend/Migration >:
>   Unfortunately, both schemas (dnsdomain2 and dnszone) share the same
>   record types and use the same OIDs so the LDAP server can't use
>   both schemas at the same time.
> This is caused by the two schemas using the same attributes with the
> same oids (which is a good thing), but storing them in two different
> files causes openldap to reject using both schemas.

So basically what is needed is _one_ schema file. Defining the
attributes once and then at the end list both dNSZone and dNSDomain2
object classes. Right?

> I would be happy to create a draft schema file based on the dns
> attributes in use by the dnsdomain2 an dnszone object classes.

Sounds nice to me. I could perhaps ask others here if a fitting place to
have this schema distributed is via the OID registry page at UNINETT.
Does this sound ok to you?

- Anders

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