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Bug#586243: education-desktop-sugar: please remove this package, it's outdated and confuses users

tags 586243 + moreinfo
clone 586243 -1
severity -1 normal
retitle -1 package description is misleading

Hi Sascha,

a general comment: please file one bug about one issue. If you want to report 
several issues, please file several bug reports. Thanks.

On Montag, 28. Juni 2010, Sascha Silbe wrote:
> The description suggests this is what to install to get a complete Sugar
> installation on a desktop, whereas it will actually install the Debian
> Edu suite (+ Sugar). 

Thus I have now cloned your bugreport so that we can track improving the 
description seperatly from the package relationship issue.

> If someone cares about this package enough to maintain it,

Why do you believe this isnt the case?

> and updating the dependencies should be enough. 

updating the dependencies to what? According to 
all dependencies of education-desktop-sugar are fine. So if you want us to 
update the dependencies, could you please tell us which you think are 
incorrect? Thanks already :-)


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