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Re: mail system in debian-edu

Hi Sep,

On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 02:48:06PM +0200, Ronny Aasen wrote:
> Andreas B. Mundt wrote:
> Dovecot is what i use on all non -edu machines. It's flexible and
> powerful. using dovecot's delivery i implemeny sieve and you get imap re
> indexed on delivery making imap login and usage  a breeze.

That sounds encouraging :) . My tests (and not to forget Jonas' mail ;-))
recommend it too. 
> nb: how about replacing exim with postfix ? :D

I think exim is the default in debian, so as long as it works fine and
there is no other reason to switch I would prefer exim. But I am not a
mail services expert and just had a quick look. 



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