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Re: mail system in debian-edu

Hi all,

after testing some more the various mail systems I would like to share
what I figured out so far:

Pros:	That's what we use currently.
Cons:	Does not work currently out of the box with neither lwat in
	lenny nor gosa in squeeze.
	No extra GOsa integration (but might not be needed).
	It looks as if it does not allow kerberos authentication with
	gssapi or anything else- a big disadvantage in my opinion as
	we should use our kerberos single sign on system.

Pros:	Kerberos authentication with service ticket works (gssapi, tested).
	GOsa integration (needed?)
Cons:	Why is cyrus 2.3 not in squeeze? Package dying?
	No unix-style mailbox. 

I looked now for alternatives which allow Kerberos authentication,
easy configuration and active upstream/packageing and found: dovecot:


>From a first look it looks quite nice, and I will give it a try now.

Does anybody know more? Any comments, ideas or other valuable input?


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