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Re: Anyone willing to maintain Debian Edu related packages currently missing in Debian?

[Andreas Tille]
> Hint: In Debian Med an Debian Science we are maintaining such
> software as prospective packages in the tasks files.  There are also
> a few in Debian Edu (see for instance mathematics task [1]).


At the moment these are open in BTS:

  #458405 hermes: hardware insertion notificator for gnome 
  #480510 lenmus: music education software to learn music theory and language
  #549926 ttf-gruenewald: free educational fonts for schools (handwriting)
  #579593 sssd: System Security Services Daemon

There are several closed ones where the package never made it into
Debian as well.

Would be great if someone would spend time on updating the tasks and
the WNPP register to make sure all the packages we want have an WNPP

> Further hint: In Debian Med and Debian Science we tend to do more
> and more group maintenance for relevant packages.  I would like to
> suggest to establish a packaging team for those packages which are
> definitely related to education and not yet maintained by a team.

Yes, this is a good idea if we could get it to work.  We already have
the infrastructure and a few packages.  Not sure what could be done to
attract more maintainers thought.  At the moment my impression is that
we do not have the man-power to maintain more packages.

Also, several of the packages on our wishlist are not really
educational (like hermes and sssd above), but general infrastructure.
BTW: Not quite sure why hermes is listed there.  It is not mentioned
in any of our tasks.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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