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Re: cipus & cipus ... blá's

On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 04:12:09PM -0300, gilberto dos santos alves wrote:

hi Jonas, we are talking not about details but the really learning
contents for all we that read every day this important channel of new
informations, divergent point of view, etc. but some times i think the
talks go to other aspects not really important. but we continue here
until now reading but we hope soon we help with pt-br version.

Ah, then indeed I misunderstood.  Sorry about that.

Yes, I agree more focus should be on learning material. I am not a teacher, however, so cannot contribute much with those parts. Please do speak up, those on the list silently waiting for others to take the lead: You know better than us - please guide us!

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

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