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Re: cipus & cipus ... blá's

hi Jonas, we are talking not about details but the really learning
contents for all we that read every day this important channel of new
informations, divergent point of view, etc. but some times i think the
talks go to other aspects not really important. but we continue here
until now reading but we hope soon we help with pt-br version.

best regards!

Jonas Smedegaard escreveu:
> Hi Gilberto,
> On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 02:55:50PM -0300, gilberto dos santos alves
> wrote:
>> please make good talks in this debian edu .
>> could some one clear replica , treplica ... etc ... bla-bla-bla!
>> please! all we from Brazil (lots of teachers , voluntários, developpers,
>> educational consultant) are spend our time reading your messages to
>> understand, learn and talk about some developpment that is happen in
>> debian edu. So, please, lets go ahead!
> Not quite sure I understand your point(s) above. So please correct me
> if it seems I misunderstood.
> You ask us to relax the tone on the mailinglist, not talk about silly
> details on which alternative implementations are good or bad
> replacements for current tools.
> I do not agree: I find it a highly relevant point to raise if the
> central administration tool is the best for Skolelinux needs, and if
> not, what alternatives are relevant to consider.
> If some of you are not aware, CipUX is an alternative administration
> tool (or a framework to compose administration tools).
> The reason CipUX pops up "out of the blue" yet discussed as if already
> used, is that a relatively large german rollout have been done using
> CipUX instead of LWAT.
> While I do not agree that CipUX is shit (then obviously I would not
> have spent the last couple of years deeply involved with its packaging
> for Debian), I actually agree with most of the points raised about it,
> epecially usability issues of its frontends.
> Personally I dislike PHP, and would do a lot to avoid it. Which I
> have done with my involvement in CipUX, a work that, much thanks to
> the struggles of that pilot project in germany, will soon be ready for
> worldwide production use.
> Whether or not Skolelinux will embrace CipUX or not is yet to be
> seen. I deliberately avoid going into discussion about that until it
> is fully packaged and has entered testing (some parts are there but
> not enough to fairly judge it yet).
> Kind regards,
> - Jonas

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